Welcome to our award winning architectural and interior design practice.

Led by Craig South, our friendly professional team is dedicated to crafting for uniqueness and producing carefully considered architecture that will endure and be loved.

At South Architects, every project has a unique story. This story starts and ends with our clients, whose values and aspirations fundamentally empower and inspire our whole design process.

Working together with our clients is pivotal to how we operate and we share a passion for innovation in design.

We invite you to meet us and explore what we can do for you. As you will discover, our client focussed process is thorough, robust and responsive.

We see architecture as the culmination of a journey with you. As we get to know you, so we begin the design process that responds with creativity and flair to your ideas and requirements. Our journey together is also shaped by awareness of the environment and location, with all elements working harmoniously together to create beautiful and functional architecture.

We understand that the experience of designing a new home is a life changing journey and we seek to make the experience as stress-free and fun as possible by celebrating milestones along the way and keeping you well-informed on progress.
We look forward to meeting you, working alongside you and sharing in your journey.

“Architecture at its best is an expression of individuality, serving and supporting a unique way of life and designed for site and context.” Craig South

A new beginning, a new adventure

Every architectural journey starts with a conversation.
At our first meetings with you, we encourage you to ask questions about our processes, services and fees as we, in turn, begin getting to know you and your project.

Uniquely yours

Our concepts evolve from building an understanding of your way of life, your aspirations and lifestyle goals and then weaving your personalized story into the design. This is what lends our designs their special uniqueness.

As well as delivering your project’s architectural design, our specialised home interiors team can take care of all your home interior design requirements. Both inside and out, we design for functionality and flair to create a harmonious whole.

Connected to your world

We design homes that co-exist seamlessly with landscape, climate and environment, while also delivering year-round liveability, energy efficiency and comfort. Our bespoke architecture is designed to endure with grace and beauty.

Responsive and engaged

At every step in the journey, we keep you fully informed and updated. We find this takes the stress out of the process and means you can relax as your brief develops and comes to life. We can also assist you with putting measures in place to ensure your budget is well managed, with no unexpected surprises.

We think it is important to mark milestones along the way by, for example, sharing a glass of wine after the initial concept presentation or enjoying a lunch together to mark the beginning of a new phase.

Celebrating your home and your story

At journey’s end, when design and construction is complete, we look forward to celebrating together. We love taking the time to honour you and the realisation of your vision with unique, inspirational architecture.

Many people assume they already need a project brief before getting in touch, but this is not required. At our initial meetings, we will listen carefully to your ideas and intentions to help you establish your final brief and will provide information and guidance on what to expect. As the project progresses, we will keep you informed and make sure the whole process is fun and engaging.

We have a strong belief in the uniqueness of every project and work with integrity to carefully consider the people, the place and the purpose, resulting in something special just for you. We are committed to providing a high level of service while using our creativity to produce functional, beautiful architecture designed to inspire and give joy.

We work with clients throughout New Zealand and internationally. We frequently travel to sites both within and beyond the Canterbury region and regularly connect and meet with clients and partners - in person or online - as projects evolve.

We design a wide range of incredible spaces for clients who can see the value we bring. Our portfolio includes carefully considered alterations, unique homes, bespoke preschools, wineries, multi-unit housing and other one-off commercial buildings.

Working with an architect opens the door to a wealth of creativity, skill and specialised knowledge, resulting in amazing homes that maximise light, space, form and function. Our fees reflect that added value we bring to projects and will vary depending on project size, complexity and other design considerations. Once we have a full understanding of your plans and goals, we can discuss our role, the best solution for you and what can be achieved with your budget.

As the project proceeds you will meet the team members working alongside Craig, which may include our architectural graduates, interior designer and technical team. If needed, we can also guide you on bringing together your wider project team, including reputable builders and consultants such as structural engineers, landscape architects and quantity surveyors. We work closely with both builder and quantity surveyor as the design evolves to ensure the project is well-aligned and that we make informed decisions based on sound information.

Every project is different. While some are completed faster than others, the way we work is consistent as we set targets and work to agreed timeframes. For our whole team, details matter every step of the way with communication being the key. We are passionate about achieving an exceptional standard for you and will keep you closely informed throughout the whole journey.

Yes, of course, and we can also liaise with professional builders on your behalf to help find the right one for your project. We can observe construction on-site if you wish and be a contact between you and your builder and other contractors to ensure the whole project team is well-connected and stays on schedule.

Our design journey with you starts with a conversation. We invite you to meet with our friendly team for an initial, no obligation consultation so we can begin getting to know each other. You will have plenty of questions for us and, in turn, we want to learn about you and what you have in mind to ensure we are the right fit to add value to your project.

Meet the team