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Perception of architecture – Lens of culture

Of the five senses, what first comes to mind when thinking about space is the visual sense Truly, much of spatial experience is derived from vision But in real experience it is the cultural landscape including food, sounds, temperature and even smell, that creates a unique architectural atmosphere Culturally shaped perception models change our understanding of space, our relationship to space and our use of space

I loved my work experience in Singapore and being a Read more

Our Newest Team Member!

As you may have seen from our recent social media posts, we welcomed a new member to the AllSo team in October… He is significantly fluffier, a lot lazier and more inclined to chew on things than the rest of the AllSo Team… But luckily, he is also the cutest coworker we have ever had!

Murphy the Newfoundland is the South family’s latest addition, and fortunately for us, Craig brings him into the Read more

Real lives behind the architecture

From the outside, the practice of architecture may seem a little formal Architect Craig South says greater openness can change perceptions and promote positive outcomes

When I first started out in this industry more than 20 years ago, I’m sure I would have thought that creative skills alone held the key to great design In fact, as I’ve discovered, it invariably evolves out of building good relationships with clients, spending time with them on-site and getting to know their lifestyle and aspirations You really can’t do that effectively without Read more

The Search for the Perfect Dining Experience!

Whilst trying a new restaurant or café can be exciting, it can also feel like a bit of a risk; with so many opportunities for disappointment! What if the food is bland, the wine

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