Craig South

Registered Architect/Director

As a father to three girls, Craig’s life revolves around not just work but the girls’ sports and of course keeping up with the latest boybands. A devoted family man, Craig spends his weekends and evenings at hockey practices, swimming trainings and school performances although still manages to find time to challenge himself on a mountain bike or a quick run.

Passionate about architecture, family trips around New Zealand often become re-routed in order to visit a Historic Building or new project. Keen to get his girls involved, when working from home in the weekends Craig encourages them to join him at the table, sketching their own dream homes. By introducing architectural terms and phrases to his family, Craig hopes to develop their appreciation from a young age and ensure they are as excited about their architecture themed holidays as he is.

Craig’s dedication to the perfect design means a lot of time is spent sketching and deliberating new ideas in order to reach the end goal, a pinot on the terrace celebrating a job well done. As, at the heart of it, an architects job is to provide shelter and security, Craig endeavours to discover all he can about the people requiring the shelter. Be it high-end or social housing, Craig’s designs are created specifically for the client’s needs. He finds the uniqueness of the client and what they bring to the process combined with the creativity of the design is what produces the uniqueness of the architecture and the suitable solution.

Keen to drive the business forward, Craig is familiar with the latest architecture trends, techniques and news, uniting contemporary architecture and enduring design.