Kyla Davies

Interior Designer

A successful (yet stressful!) home renovation project helped propel Kyla into her Interior Design Career. The positive impact the renovations had on the way Kyla and her family lived within their home inspired her to help others feel that same way about their own homes. Understanding that good design can change your life, she went back to school to complete a Diploma in Residential Interior Design. A history of working in the fashion industry has given Kyla an effortless sense of style and an intuitive flair for design. However, she has noticed a distinct difference between fashion and design; whereas fashion is fickle, great design should last a lifetime.

Passionate about food (vegetarian of course!) and fashion, Kyla loves travelling and exploring new places, Europe is a firm favourite, with Italy holding a special place in her heart. A busy Mum to two teenagers (plus a cat AND a dog!), Kyla is thankful that her family home is near the harbor, allowing her some much needed ‘me time’ kayaking, paddle-boarding or simply strolling by the water’s edge to relax after work. Excited to be working within a collaborative practice, Kyla enjoys the opportunity to discuss ideas and work through innovative design solutions with other members of the team.