Central Christchurch: A Unique Neighbourhood- Peterborough Housing Co-Operative

As demonstrated in The Cambridge Terrace home, not all central city living is high rise and high density. There are many other options to explore.

The Peterborough Housing Co-Operative Development is a prime example of a medium density development but with a unique twist.

Their site, a small step back from Central Christchurch, was originally home to multiple workers cottages; simple small-scale homes with small plots of land. This development draws from the density of the sites origins, but distributes the buildings in a different way.

A housing co-operative is relatively unique in Christchurch; however, they are becoming increasingly popular throughout the world. In really broad terms, a housing co-operative is a private company or trust with its own principles, values and objectives.

Although the members of the housing co-operative do own a share of the property, all decisions are made collectively as a group and disputes are generally dealt with through the co-operatives own terms and rules.

When approaching the design for the Peterborough Housing Co-Operative project, Architect Craig South had to take into account how the residential units related to one another whilst retaining some individuality and how the residential spaces related to the common areas, both built and landscaped.

Rather than treating the garden and courtyard spaces as a separation from neighbours or simply something to look at, the way the outdoor spaces are used and designed are vitally important to the housing co-operative. These spaces are designed to have something for everyone; social areas, vegetable gardens and spaces for the children to play.

Although there is no doubting that this is one single development with a common architectural theme, some of the design elements, such as the façade stepping in and out along the roadside, allows individuals to identify their own home within the complex.

The most critical part of the design for Craig was to ensure there is a clear sense of ‘living within a neighbourhood’ for all that reside within the Peterborough Street Housing Co-Operative Development.

Currently in the final stages of documentation, with construction due to commence mid-2018, we look forward to seeing this development progress.

The next project in our series is an investment development offering architecturally designed, well considered apartments for tenants and providing the owner a sound asset for the future.

Check out our next blog to discover how Architect Craig South designed an apartment complex that is cost effective for the investor but still provides quality housing for the occupants.


Published on Friday, February 2nd, 2018, under The Architecture


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