Central Christchurch: A Unique Neighbourhood- The Kilmore Street Apartments

As we have previously discussed, a successful city needs to have a mixture of housing typologies, each suiting a different family dynamic. This project, The Kilmore Street Apartments, is an investment property specifically aimed at the rental market. Quality rental accommodation is vitally important in any city, servicing those that cannot or choose not to purchase their own home. Designing an investment property creates new challenges; it can be difficult to find a balance between an attractive, livable home for tenants and a solid, lasting investment for the owner.

In order to strike this balance, Architect Craig South considered the priorities of both the owner and prospective occupiers. While the owner needs a robust building, built from low maintenance material and designed for high durability, there is also a need for the home to stand out from the crowd, and offer something different to its neighbours. As the property needs to be appealing to the rental market, cost becomes a factor. However, affordable doesn’t mean the architecture and design needs to suffer, Craig was conscious that pride of living is still applicable to tenants in a renting situation, everyone wants to be proud of their home. The architecture of the façade was important both to respect the neighhourhood, create a dynamic edge to the building and to help differentiate the individual homes within the building.

Great care was taken to treat each unit separately, taking into account how they relate to the street and to each other. As the property is on an arterial road, noise disruption could be a factor. To help alleviate this, the placement of rooms within each individual unit was thought-out to ensure living areas and bedrooms were insulated from disturbance.

When designing an investment property for the rental market, many developers take the easy option of duplicating the same unit over and over until the site is full. However, this approach does not allow each unit to feel like an individual home or deliver the owner an asset better than the one next door. Nor does it offer a well-considered architectural response to the site and surroundings.

We do it differently. We add value to all of our projects and treat each ‘home’ as important. Working with the client and the site, we find the best solution for you, not a replicated box from another project across the street.

And funnily enough, our next project in the spotlight is literally just across the street from these apartments! But is a completely different complex. Mixing apartment living and business offices and repurposing an old social club, The Kilmore Street Apartment Complex is designed to bring neighbours together.

Published on Friday, March 2nd, 2018, under The Architecture


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