Our Newest Team Member!

As you may have seen from our recent social media posts, we welcomed a new member to the AllSo team in October… He is significantly fluffier, a lot lazier and more inclined to chew on things than the rest of the AllSo Team… But luckily, he is also the cutest coworker we have ever had!

Murphy the Newfoundland is the South family’s latest addition, and fortunately for us, Craig brings him into the office a couple of times each week!

There is a lot of research regarding the benefits of pet friendly workplaces, with some major companies leading the way, in fact at the Amazon Headquarters in Seattle there are over 7,000 dogs registered to come to work at the company’s headquarters!

After two months with Murphy in the office, it is clear the research is on to something! There has been marked improvement in employee stress levels and his presence has definitely boosted the office morale in the busy lead up to Christmas. Although he could be considered a distraction, now that the initial novelty has worn off, we think having him around has improved employee productivity. With the constant pressure of deadlines, having Murphy nearby reminds the team to stop and take a breath, give him a pat and launch back into their work with a renewed level of energy.

We have made the mental wellbeing of our team a priority in recent years, with Murphy just one part of our strategy. We have introduced flexi-time which allows our team more flexibility with their working hours to ensure a healthy work/life balance. We also have funds allocated to assist our team with their outside-of-work passions and hobbies; such as gym memberships, bike races or specialized equipment. And we take time out of the working day on a regular basis to treat the team to an unexpected break and casual catch up. Just last week the entire team, including Murphy and Cooper (the Allfrey’s dachshund puppy!) popped out of the office for an afternoon gelato and a walk in the sunshine. We believe it is our team that makes our practice so unique and so; by fostering relationships and collaboration, reducing stress and ensuring the office is a fun place to work; we can guarantee our practice continues to produce excellent work!

As the summer break is a fantastic opportunity to spend time relaxing with loved ones, we believe our Christmas shut-down period (20th Dec – 13th Jan) is another vital part of maintaining a positive team. Allowing them a complete break from work means we will start 2020 reinvigorated and ready for another busy and exciting year!

Thank you for all your support over 2019, we wish you a very Merry Christmas and a joyful New Year!

Published on Friday, December 13th, 2019, under The Team Behind the Architecture


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