Health and Sport Central

Location: Christchurch Central | Christchurch

In the ambitious relocation of a distinguished medical facility to a new, central location in Christchurch, a symphony of architectural prowess and functional precision unfolds. This transformative endeavor was driven by the imperative to accommodate a multi-disciplinary practice within the confines of an existing building layout, a task that demanded an intricate dance between spatial innovation and design finesse.

The architectural narrative unfolded as a meticulous choreography of spaces, each harmonizing with the specialized needs of diverse medical disciplines. Within the constraints of the pre-existing structure, the design blueprint ingeniously delineated separate, purpose-driven areas, delineating zones that seamlessly interlinked while preserving their individual identities.

A vivid interplay of color emerged as an accentuating agent, strategically employed to heighten the intrinsic forms within these specialized spaces. Thoughtfully infused into key areas, these vibrant hues acted as visual cues, emphasizing and delineating architectural contours, while imbuing the environment with a sense of vibrancy and dynamism.

Photographer: Stephen Goodenough Photography

  • Craig South

    Registered Architect/Director