Four Gables Home

Location: Prebbleton | Canterbury

In this remarkable family home, the design seamlessly weaves together stone cladding, cedar weatherboard, and metal cladding to craft an exterior that captivates with its modern yet natural charm. Four distinct gable forms stand as the home’s architectural focal points, creating individualized spaces within. What truly distinguishes this residence is the way these gable forms are thoughtfully connected by glazed links. These transparent connectors serve as not only physical passageways but also metaphorical bridges, linking different elements of the house. The result is a harmonious synergy of materials and form, where contemporary design harmonizes with the timeless allure of nature, showcasing the elegance of architectural innovation.

Photographer: Jamie Armstrong Photography

Construction Team: Frost Architectural Builders

Interior Design: Mooi Design

  • Craig South

    Registered Architect/Director

  • Campbell Jones

    Architectural Graduate