Idris Road Home

Location: Fendalton | Christchurch

Idris Road Home embraces its setting, strategically oriented to interact harmoniously with the picturesque Wairarapa Stream along its North-Western border within the urban landscape of Christchurch.

Comprising three distinct yet elegantly simple geometric structures, the residence establishes a visual dialogue reminiscent of fundamental building blocks. The two plaster formations delicately uphold the weight of the upper dark cedar weatherboard block, creating a poised architectural balance. Nestled amidst these external structures lies a fourth element, serving as the linchpin that binds the outward facets together. Beyond mere connectivity, this central feature serves as a focal point within the interior space, fostering a cohesive architectural narrative.

Photographer: Stephen Goodenough Photography

Construction Team: H3 Construction

  • Craig South

    Registered Architect/Director