Peterborough Street Co-Housing

Location: Christchurch Central | Christchurch

In the heart of central Christchurch, an enduring co-housing community has been revitalized, embodying a profound architectural vision.

Distinguished by its diverse array of unit typologies, this innovative development seamlessly accommodates an diverse mix of residents, ranging from intimate studio apartments to expansive four-bedroom family units, purposefully integrating accessible-friendly homes into its fabric.

Central to its design ethos is the focalization around a meticulously landscaped courtyard, serving as the nucleus of the development. The architecture, meticulously crafted, acts as a conduit for sunlight, adeptly infiltrating the spaces and fostering a symbiotic relationship between the residents and the communal realm. This deliberate architectural strategy not only facilitates an interplay between the shared community spaces but also affords each individual dwelling its own enclave of private serenity within this vibrant collective.

Construction Team: Constructa Limited


  • Craig South

    Registered Architect/Director