Quarters Place Home

Location: Halswell | Christchurch

Nestled at the end of a tranquil cul-de-sac on the fringes of Christchurch, this expansive family residence commands a dual perspective, offering panoramic vistas that seamlessly blend the urban and rural landscapes.

Distinguished by a commanding gable motif, the primary architectural feature traverses the horizontal plane, dominating the skyline across two distinct levels. Adjacent to this commanding structure lies a complementary smaller gable formation, linked by a transparent passageway. This secondary arrangement, oriented perpendicular to the primary structure, discreetly houses the utilitarian zones, while concealing a secluded secondary living area on its upper level.

Embracing an understated elegance, the dwelling showcases a refined material selection and architectural simplicity. Its design ethos pays homage to the surrounding rural and urban context, amalgamating elements that nod to the local environment within its form and materiality.

Photographer: Stephen Goodenough Photographer

Construction Team: Wayne Murray Builders

  • Craig South

    Registered Architect/Director