Craig South

Registered Architect/Director

As a father to three girls, Craig’s life revolves around not just work but the girls’ sports and of course keeping up with the latest boybands. A devoted family man, Craig spends his weekends and evenings at hockey practices, swimming trainings and school performances although still manages to find time to challenge himself on a mountain bike or a quick run.

Passionate about architecture, family trips around New Zealand often become re-routed in order to visit a Historic Building or new project. Keen to get his girls involved, when working from home in the weekends Craig encourages them to join him at the table, sketching their own dream homes. By introducing architectural terms and phrases to his family, Craig hopes to develop their appreciation from a young age and ensure they are as excited about their architecture themed holidays as he is.

Craig’s dedication to the perfect design means a lot of time is spent sketching and deliberating new ideas in order to reach the end goal, a pinot on the terrace celebrating a job well done. As, at the heart of it, an architects job is to provide shelter and security, Craig endeavours to discover all he can about the people requiring the shelter. Be it high-end or social housing, Craig’s designs are created specifically for the client’s needs. He finds the uniqueness of the client and what they bring to the process combined with the creativity of the design is what produces the uniqueness of the architecture and the suitable solution.

Keen to drive the business forward, Craig is familiar with the latest architecture trends, techniques and news, uniting contemporary architecture and enduring design.

Paulina Porebska

Senior Architectural Designer

As a Senior Architectural Designer, Paulina leads projects alongside Craig. She has extensive experience in private healthcare fit-outs as well as residential, hospitality and interiors.

Paulina has previously worked in Poland, Singapore, Sweden and the UK. She brings knowledge of architecture at different scales, budget and in various environmental and cultural landscapes. Paulina has spent her whole life living by the ocean and absolutely loves the lifestyle of living in Sumner. Along with her family, Paulina spends her weekends in the water; diving, snorkelling, surfing, swimming… as long as they are by the water they are both happy! Paulina’s other passion is weaving, learning the craft from her Grandfather back in Poland, we are looking forward to a demonstration soon!

Paulina is fascinated by the impact architecture can have on in the inhabitants mood and is excited to create spaces that inspire and energize. She is excited by the opportunities the Christchurch rebuild bring and looks forward to pushing the design envelope.

Rod Pearson

Architectural Technician

An eager cyclist and a lover of the outdoors, Rod can often be found either wandering the hills with his wife Michaela and son Oscar in search of a magnificent view or riding around the city on the hunt for some good food. Although he may enjoy dining out and eating great food, Rod is rather adverse to actually cooking! He would prefer to hone his skills in the boxing ring, a new addition to his many talents!

With such a varied background, including mechanics and building, and a general interest in finding out how things work, Rod brings a lot of experience and practical knowledge to South Architects. His passion and drive to achieve at a high level makes him an excellent asset. Rod is interested in the passive house movement and has been actively working towards gaining more competence in this area. He would also like to achieve his Design Licence in the future and has been steadily putting together his portfolio of work to help him get there.

Easy going and social, Rod enjoys the inclusive environment at South Architects and is always up for a team building event, except when it involves cooking!

Campbell Jones

Architectural Graduate

Motivated and ambitious Campbell is working towards his Architectural Registration and is eager to learn from every design experience. Very social in his nature, Campbell fits into the collaborative approach at South Architects and never shies away from sharing his ideas or opinions. He enjoys exploring projects from both a design and technical perspective and appreciates that the quality of the details are what makes a project outstanding.

Fond of the finer things in life, Campbell enjoys a good brunch… in fact he enjoys dining out for any meal of the day and will be the first to recommend a new restaurant or café. A dedicated runner, he often entertains the team with tales of his daily run over the first morning coffees. After spending his childhood in the country, Campbell has a love of the outdoors, and will take any opportunity to go camping or hiking with friends. Passionate about the Canterbury rebuild, Campbell is excited to see how the innovative architecture produced at South Architects helps to shape Christchurch in the future.

Kyla Davies

Interior Designer

A successful (yet stressful!) home renovation project helped propel Kyla into her Interior Design Career. The positive impact the renovations had on the way Kyla and her family lived within their home inspired her to help others feel that same way about their own homes. Understanding that good design can change your life, she went back to school to complete a Diploma in Residential Interior Design. A history of working in the fashion industry has given Kyla an effortless sense of style and an intuitive flair for design. However, she has noticed a distinct difference between fashion and design; whereas fashion is fickle, great design should last a lifetime.

Passionate about food (vegetarian of course!) and fashion, Kyla loves travelling and exploring new places, Europe is a firm favourite, with Italy holding a special place in her heart. A busy Mum to two teenagers (plus a cat AND a dog!), Kyla is thankful that her family home is near the harbor, allowing her some much needed ‘me time’ kayaking, paddle-boarding or simply strolling by the water’s edge to relax after work. Excited to be working within a collaborative practice, Kyla enjoys the opportunity to discuss ideas and work through innovative design solutions with other members of the team.

Brad McFarlane

Senior Technician

Brad has been a part of the practice, working in a contractor role, for many years. And we are happy to have him! His expertise in co-ordinating teams in large projects makes him a valuable asset to the team. His experience ranges from small alterations through to large scale commercial projects which means he has a wealth of knowledge that he is more than happy to share with our junior members of staff.

Rain, Hail or Shine; Brad will, without fail, arrive to work on his bike! In fact it is unusual for Brad not to be on his bike; weekends are spent with his family in the great outdoors, often cycling up in the Port Hills or participating in the occasional marathon! Although so far he has remained dedicated to his pledge to only drink one cup of coffee a day, we wait in eager anticipation for the day he indulges in two!