Craig South

As director of the company, Craig has a key leadership role within the practice. He enjoys working closely with clients throughout their architectural journey.


Why did you choose Architecture as a career?

I was always good at technical drawing at school, so the pathway was clear. As the design opportunities presented through the late 2000’s I found the passion for the creative side of architecture. Seeing our creations come to life, connecting with clients drives me to continue to create unique spaces for people to enjoy.

Where in the world has architecture taken you?

Although I have not travelled a lot, a journey to Italy was inspiring with the history that is embedded in the architecture, amazing! I enjoy visiting small towns throughout NZ and Australia and learning about the history of ‘the place’. Looking beyond the what and understanding the why. Family car journeys, through small towns introduced me to a love of old books.

If you weren’t in architecture, what would you be doing?

Brewing Beer! Over the last few years, my family has introduced me to the craft of brewing beer. The fun of ‘Brew Day’ with family and friends, then the sampling and sharing.

What is your proudest moment?

Without a doubt, having an amazing wife and three beautiful daughters! Enjoying life as a family and celebrating each milestone together is what keeps the balance.

Dinner with one person, past or present, who would it be and why?

A little outside the square, but I would like to have dinner with ‘past me’, probably at 25, teach him to enjoy a few craft beers and to give some perspective and guidance, so that he focuses on enjoying the right things. Then a follow up dinner with ‘future me’ to see how I went!


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