Simon Pitcaithly

Simon works on projects from early concept through to documentation and construction observation.


Why did you choose architecture as a career?

I love the integration of creativity and artistry, with the practicality of bringing designed works to life. I am also intrigued by the rich opportunities of architecture to serve as a visual medium to convey the story of a people and a place.

Where in the world has architecture taken you?

Over several trips to Europe with family and friends, I have had the opportunity to witness some of the classical and medieval marvels of Italy and France. Recognising the layers of history present in the architectural works was an incredible experience – quite the contrast to New Zealand’s youthful urban landscape.

If you weren’t in architecture, what would you be doing?

English and public speaking have always been some of my strong suits – together with a keen interest in current affairs and history – so potentially something involved with journalism or broadcasting.

What is your proudest moment?

This would be my overseas experience in Argentina after finishing high school. The challenge involved a full immersion into a foreign culture and language – of which I could not speak a single word before leaving – and offered me a unique perspective and insight into living in a ‘developing country’ without the privileges afforded in Western society.

Dinner with one person, past or present, who would it be and why?

David Beckham – to be honest we would probably skip the dinner and practise some curling free kicks down at the local football pitch!


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